In this website you will find : 

  • Activities in Switzerland.
  • Department Store Promotions : which allow to make savings every day.
  • So as soon as you come to Switzerland you already know where to make savings on your purchases.

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Explanation and advantages of the site: 

You will find in this site by Canton and by cities links of :

– Museums.

– Cinemas.

– Theaters: companies and theatrical troops.

– Leisure : sport and leisure activities.

– And also :

Main Tourist Office of each canton.

Another site of Tourism.

All these Activities are classified under their respective name in their language, by City and by Commune.

So in Example: if we are in a specific municipality:

Example: Zurich – you can find all the other Museums that are in the same district.

If you like this kind of site, you can connect to :  https://www.tourismswitzerland.ch/

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